20 January 2013

Football Outfit

I stopped at the fabric store the other day to look for some backing fabric for a quilt that I am making.  Zephyr wasn't too happy.  In his words, "I don't want to go to that stupid fabric store!".  Once we got in he had a good time.  At the top of the remants bin was 5/8 of a yard of football fleece.  He said he really wanted it.  I realized it was probably enough to make him a sweatshirts, so I said okay.  So we spent $1.22 on this fabric.  I didn't get anything.

Anyway today we are watching the Ravens play the Conference Championship with Grandpa and Great-Grandpa so I thought it would be a great day to sew up this football outfit.  It was the perfect amount of fabric for the sweatshirt.  There were only two scraps of any worth, so I cut out a soft football that is better for playing in the house, and he has been playing catch with Grandpa all morning.

The pants are made out of sweatshirt fabric that I took from my mom's attic, so a very cheap new outfit.

Zephyr in his new sweatshirt and pants (holding the football)

a close-up of the football

19 January 2013

Bird Pillows

I took the pillows on my futon, took them apart, used the cording, and the stuffing to make these new pillows to go with my decorating scheme in the family room.  I also made the pillows a little smaller, and I like the size better and they are a little fuller being smaller.

I am excited for my birthday because I "think" my mom is getting me a new black futon cover which will go with the curtains and pillows.  I am VERY excited!

I put the zipper in the seam between the two sides and the cording.  The first pillow I had no problem, the second one I put the zipper in then completely took it out and did it again.  I don't know if I did it the best way, but oh well it is done!

I have also been working on a quilt for the family room, and I am soooo EXCITED about it.  Actually I am making 2 quilts!  But I have only done serious work on the one.  I am going to pin base very soon!

Before and After picture of the pillows.  You can see the size difference.

Both pillows finished

The zipper in the seam

The blocks in progress for the 2nd (smaller) quilt

The finished quilt top of the 1st (larger) quilt

A close up of the quilt top

12 January 2013

Pajama Pants

I LOVE wearing pajamas, and I used to get new pajamas for Christmas every year, but the last time I got pajamas for Christmas was 9 years ago.  Well in 9 years I have really worn out the pants (I wear the pants for more part of the year than the long sleeved flannel shirts).  I was getting kind of sparse for pajamas.

Well when I was at my mom's house in her attic we found more of one of the fabrics she used for pajamas for me like 12 years ago.  So I took it home and sewed up these pants.  I still have the shirt, but the pants I had thown away because they had just fallen apart from being worn so much.  So even though the shirt is a lot more faded, I am sure the pants will catch up.

Also when I finished cutting up the pants, there were some scraps, so i took care of them immediately.  I cut up a burp cloth and a baby bib, and some squares for quilt box.  I love taking care of everything!

My pajama pants (the shirt is from I think 12 or 13 years ago?)

06 January 2013

Zephyr's New Sunday Outfit

Zephyr at church moved up from Nursery (for 18 months to 3 years olds) to Primary (3-12 year olds) on the first sunday of January.  I might have stayed up until 1am, finishing the pants and bowtie, and still had the vest to make in the morning!  The vest ended up a little large, I just made up my own pattern.  It would probably fit a little better in a year, and I made the pants a tad short.  Oh well, right?  He looked adorable going to church.

Zephyr in his new suit (that is a snowflake tattoo on his cheek)

Zephyr with his new church bag that Autumn sewed him for Christmas

I made this bowtie from a necktie.  I really LOVE it!

26 December 2012

Zephyr's Christmas Prsents

He has been wanting his doll to have a matching blanket with him.  He got the the quilt pictured below for his birthday, and I made those curtains in the spring of 2012.  I also made the sheets and the pillowcase for his birthday in April.  Anyway I thought his doll didn't need just a matching blanket but a whole matching bed.

Zephyr's baby also got a slew of matching doll clothes to go with all those clothes I made for him in the fall.

The curtains in Zephyr's room (I used duvet covers from Ikea)

Zephyr's blanket (from birthday 2012)

close-up of the quilting

matching sheets and pillowcase

Baby bed

doll pillow and pillowcase

new doll clothes (2 unfinished outfits)

his doll wearing his BYU outfit 

25 December 2012

Jaguar Pillowcase

I started this pillowcase for Prairie's birthday in May, but didn't finish it, so I finished it for Christmas.  Prairie LOVES it.

 The Pillowcase

Prairie enjoying the pillow(behind her back)  while she watches a movie with the matching blanket that she got for birthday in May 2011

24 December 2012

Christmas Jammies

This is the first year that all three of had matching pajamas, so of course I had to make all their dolls matching jammies too.  I did make the girls matching jammies the year I was pregnant with Zephyr, but that is the only time I have made them matching pj's for Christmas.  I love this Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer fleece!

 I had to include one picture where Prairie is happy.  She got mad and didn't want to take pictures after this.

Zephyr and his doll with footie jammies 

Autumn and her doll (Prairie didn't want to pose by herself) 

All three kids and all three dolls

11 December 2012

Bumper Pads

Remember when I went to my friend's house and set up my satellite sewing station and sewed her a baby sheet?  Well I made her bumper bads too and they turned out so cute!  She bought the bumper pad forms, but didn't want them that tall, so I took 3 inches off of all of them, and I loved them.  Here is a picture of them finished and then in action!

All finished at my house, waiting to go home!

In the adorable baby room being used!

18 November 2012

Brynn's Quilt

So one of my best friends got married in October 2005 (7 years ago!).  The week before her wedding I started a quilt for her.  This was before I realized and understood how long quilts took.  So this is the quilt that I started for her:

I hadn't gotten a lot work done on this quilt (because it is a LOT of work)  then I went to her apartment and saw how she had decorated her front room, in brown and light blue with orange accents.  My sister got this (the fabric pictured below) fabric and started on a quilt for herself  and then I thought this would be a fun fabric to make Brynn a stack 'n whack quilt.

So I actually pretty quickly sewed up the top for Brynn's quilt (this of course was in March 2008!).  Then I had enough scraps left from Brynn's quilt that I thought I might as well make my sister a lap quilt also.

So here is top of Brynn's quilt ready to be pieced up (missing some borders).

Then I got caught up making my sister's quilt:

And 2 pillows for her!

I gave it to her for Christmas of 2008.  I actually had started quilting Brynn's quilt, but I had problem with my bobbin tension, and felt a little frustrated, so I put it aside.  When my mom came for Christmas she unpicked all the quilting that was messed up and then I didn't touch that quilt until September of this year, 4 years it sat in a box!  Now it is done!  I can't believe I just let it sit there forever.

My friend Brynn and her husband just bought their first home, and their first baby is due this week.  They still have their family room decorated in light blues and browns with orange accents.  Hopefully they like this quilt, but even if they don't at least it is off of my to do list!  So here are some pictures of the quilt!

16 November 2012

Flowered Swimsuit

A few weeks ago Autumn had a fieldtrip to go to the swimming pool, and she said all here swimsuits from the summer were too worn out to wear, so of course I needed to make her a new one.  Luckily we had some swimsuit fabric in the stash that was set aside to make her some new swimsuits.  She was so pleased with the swimsuit.