03 February 2016

WIP February 3, 2016

I keep working away a little bit here and there on projects.  I had to make a pair of pants for my oldest daughter and used the scraps to make a pair for my youngest daughter.

(She is trying them on to measure the elastic.  She thought I put the pockets too high, but I took a picture to show her I didn't)

I have also been working on the quilting on the dolphin quilt.

This is what happens when I try to mark the quilt for quilting.

I eventually get it marked though.

Here is what the quilt is looking like with the next row of quilting.

I decided to do pebbling around the Dolphins.  It does take a looong time and a lot of thread.  Then when I was almost done with the 4th dolphin I ran out of light blue thread, which I was using for the bobbin thread and the pebbling, so I had to go to the store to get more thread before I could do anymore work, which took me a couple of days.

Then I started the triangles, more swirls.

Back of the quilt with the pebbling and swirls.

Now onto the waves!  I have been playing around with how to fill up all that navy blue 

27 January 2016

Stack 'n whack layout

I finally carved out some time to figure the layout of my stack 'n whack quilt.

Then because this is complicated to put together I had to label EVERYTHING.

This is what it looks like once I have picked up the blocks that are already sewn.

It took me longer than I had hoped.  I was making Lego time more difficult and my baby had to stay in her crib until I had everything cleaned up.

26 January 2016

Crocheted Hat

When I started this blog I only sewed, but  I have been learning to crochet some the last few months.  

I made a hat like this for me but it is green.  Sadly I left it at someone's house and haven't gotten it back.

I made this one for my eldest daughter ( who does not crochet ).  My middle daughter is an avid crocheter and has made like 20 of these hats.

My daughter had a bun in her hair and didn't want to model the hat so I am.

24 January 2016

Almost ready for layout!!

I have 6 more of the octagon blocks I need to add triangles to the corners to make them squares and then I will be ready to decide layout!  

I also have to decide what secondary stack n whack block to put with the main one.

While I was getting excited about layout my little one got up from her nap and then I had " helpers".

22 January 2016

WIP 22 Jan 2016

I have been working on sewing up the blocks for the stack n whack.  I am really close to being able to work on layout.  My oldest daughter loves doing layout so I will work with her on it.

I also started quilting on the dolphin quilt.  I am really happy about how it is progressing.

18 January 2016

Stack n whack - all cut out!

I have everything all cut out for the top of my stack n whack!  Yay, piecing time.  I will put in a good audiobook and thoroughly enjoy my piecing.

Yesterday I was doodling quilting designs for the dolphin quilt so I think I might pull that out also and set it up on one of my machines.

14 January 2016

WIP 14 Jan 2016

So I have a few projects in the works.  I have been working on another wuilt for my bedroom.  It is going to be a throw size or lap size.  I just thought my curtain fabric would be perfect for a stack n whack.  I making this quilt:

I had originally planned on the dark grey being purple and the light gray being green.  After sewing a number of blocks together I think I will switch it.

I think the green works better against the stack n whack blocks than the purple.

The other project I have been working all fall and now winter is a new Christmas tree skirt.

I finally have the top all pieced:

I also got the back all pieced.  I was able to just use fabrics left over from other projects.

When I pieced it I wasn't thinking and had to unpick three panels so the gold ones are across from each other.

I also pieced the batting.  So I am al ready to pin baste.  Just waiting for a good time to take up a major part of the family room floor.

I also have this panel pin basted and have actually started the quilting on it, but haven't worked on it in about a month.  Maybe someday.

  I also have a dolphin quilt all pin basted waiting to be quilted.

Never fear I always have projects to work on.

13 January 2016

Zippered Bib

We have had this bib forever, like 9-10 years old.

I like how this bib snaps up to make a pocket to catch food buuuuut Carma yanks it off her neck because the snaps come apart easily.  So I decided to make a bib with a zipper!  No ripping that off!

I got this laminated cotton from a cute little store called Harmony in my town.

My model is asleep right now.  I put the laminated cotton on both sides to make it stronger, plus you need it double sided where the pocket folds up.

* edit she woke up and tried it on!  Too bad she is a little sick and doesn't really want to eat 

12 January 2016

Pillow Covers

I have had these pillows in my front room for 4.5 years with large pillow cases wrapped over and tucked around them.

I made new pillow covers for Christmas, so I decided I needed to make legitimate pillow covers for these two pillows.

I also decided I had too many pillows.  I made these 4 purple pillows in 2008.  http://emilywsews.blogspot.com/2008/09/pillows-and-pillow-covers.html?m=1

But they are like 13" pillows.  I have decided I like 17" pillows.  Anyway it was feeling like too many pillows for my front room 7 total.

I took 3 of the purple pillows apart for supplies for the the two new purple pillows and made one new 17" pillow, so now there are 4 17" pillows and one purple 13" pillow left.

I used duvet covers to make my curtains and I had pillowcases I never used, so I cut those up for the appliqu├ęd trees.

Here are my finished pillow covers.

20 January 2013

Football Outfit

I stopped at the fabric store the other day to look for some backing fabric for a quilt that I am making.  Zephyr wasn't too happy.  In his words, "I don't want to go to that stupid fabric store!".  Once we got in he had a good time.  At the top of the remants bin was 5/8 of a yard of football fleece.  He said he really wanted it.  I realized it was probably enough to make him a sweatshirts, so I said okay.  So we spent $1.22 on this fabric.  I didn't get anything.

Anyway today we are watching the Ravens play the Conference Championship with Grandpa and Great-Grandpa so I thought it would be a great day to sew up this football outfit.  It was the perfect amount of fabric for the sweatshirt.  There were only two scraps of any worth, so I cut out a soft football that is better for playing in the house, and he has been playing catch with Grandpa all morning.

The pants are made out of sweatshirt fabric that I took from my mom's attic, so a very cheap new outfit.

Zephyr in his new sweatshirt and pants (holding the football)

a close-up of the football